about FotoTOP project
FOTO TOP is a series of exhibitions and festivals, a variety of programs and presentations, and as of September 2024, also an agency for art photographers. The project was established in 2020. In 2021, the first international FotoTop exhibition took place, followed by "FotoTop 2022 Still Life". The exhibition "FotoTop 2023 Portrait" was held in a festival format. In September-October 2024, within the framework of the FotoTop project, a thematic festival "FotoTop 2024 Human and the City. Myth and Reality" will take place.
FotoTop is a curatorial project by Oleg Arnautov and his formed FotoTop project team. Oleg Arnautov sets the strategic objectives and final forms of the project. The FotoTop project was preceded by the "New Gallery" project and art residency in Izmailovo Kremlin (a collaboration between Oleg Arnautov, Evgeniy Berezner, and Vyacheslav Kabanov). Support from the "Gallery of Classic Photography" made it possible to realize the FotoTop project.

Mikhail Stenin has been the project producer since 2024. His direct involvement led to the signing of contracts with several Russian museums to present FotoTop projects in the years 2025-2027.

Ivan Filimonov is involved in publishing activities. Two FotoTop albums have already been released, and work is underway on the FotoTop portfolio and FotoTop projects – series presenting individual photography series and projects.

FotoTop builds relationships and collaborates with Saint Petersburg. Valeriy Valran, Alexander Smirnov, and Sergey Shcherbakov actively participate in projects by gathering case studies of authors from Saint Petersburg.

FotoTop builds relationships and collaborates with authors from Yoshkar-Ola. Anna Selina facilitates communication with authors and institutions in the capital of Mari El Republic.

FotoTop currently collaborates with a number of institutions, creative associations, festivals, and internet resources. These include the "Gallery of Classic Photography," the Union of Photo Artists of Russia, IGUMO, MGIK, IPLIF, Art-Center "K Sebe," the gallery "Nowhere But," the festival "PhotoCROC," photographer.ru, and others.

FotoTop collaborates with educational institutions teaching photography. Professors of photography from various Moscow universities, such as Mikhail Kalamkarov, Natalia Rachkova, Vasily Prudnikov, Dmitry Morgulis, Andrey Akimov, and Yulia Zhdanova, actively participate in the project.

FotoTop interacts with independent experts Evgeniy Berezner and Igor Mukhin, whose help and advice are invaluable to us. The FotoTop project is grateful to everyone who actively participated in previous years: Alla Dolgaleva, Vyacheslav Kabanov, Konstantin Kalugin.

The FotoTop project expresses its gratitude to all the authors who have provided their works for exhibitions, participated in events, and the FotoTop festival.

FotoTop is developing relationships with new partners and is open to collaboration.

Агентство FotoTop (FotoTop Agency) implies non-exclusive cooperation between authors and curators to promote author creativity and sell creative works by authors included in a collaboration agreement. The agency acts as an intermediary between authors and museums and galleries, between authors and dealers, between authors and buyers, and between authors and any interested parties.

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